How to Find Associated KEY


  • Enter your e-mail address and select "I am a new customer"
  • Next enter the required registration data. Name, e-mail address and password.
  • Now you will get asked about your account information like payee name and address.
  • Then you have to enter some information about your website.
  • To verify your identity you have to enter your phone number. A PIN will be generated. You will receive an automatic call and enter the PIN on your phone.
  • After verification agree to the contract terms and click "Finish".
  • You will be redirected to a Thank you page. Here you can see your new unique Associates ID. This is your Tracking ID which you can insert in the EB Display Amazon Products setup panel. Click the button "Get Started Now" in the bottom left corner of the page.
  • You’ll be redirected to the Amazon Associates platform. To use your Affiliate account with other tools you have to register for the "Product Advertising API". Click the button in the main menu.
  • On the homepage of Amazon Product Advertising API click the button "Sign Up Now".
  • After signing up with your credentials from step 3 you have enter your address and website information again. Then agree to the API license agreement and proceed.
  • You have successfully created a new Product Advertising API account. Click the link "Manage Your Account".
  • To get your AWS Security Credentials which are necessary to work with EB Display Amazon Products, click the link "AWS Security Credentials Console" or go directly to
  • Sign in again to the AWS console with your credentials from step 3.
  • In the AWS console select “Security Credentials” from the drop-down list below your name.
  • Confirm the safety check and click "Continue  to Security Credentials".
  • You can not access the secret access key for the default root user. So create a new access key by clicking on the button "Create New Access Key".
  • Now you will see your new Access Key ID and Secret Access Key. Store them in your password tool or download the key file. You need both values to enter in the EB Display Amazon Products setup panel.
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