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EB 3D Article Carousel can be the icing on the cake of your website. With this module, you will be able to create an article content-based 3D carousel sliders in the most efficient and easiest way. It offers the most FLEXIBLE options like Article Filtering and Ordering, Adjust carousel size, Predefined styling, Unlimited color options, and NetFlix style carousel in-build.


  • Compatible with Joomla 3, 4 and 5 versions
  • Fully responsive
  • Compatible with all desktop and mobile browsers

Article Source Filtering

  • Limit Articles count
  • Specify Articles source (categories, authors, Tags)
  • Show/hide Featured Articles
  • Exclude specific Articles
  • Show Articles within the Date range

Ordering Article Options

  • Articles Order By Title, ID, Alias, Created date, Modified date, Random, Featured Article, Hits, etc.
  • Ordering Direction By Ascending and Descending

Article Display Options

  • Show/Hide Article Date, Category, Hits, Author, Tags, Introtext, Read More button
  • Configure Date with Date Format
  • Configure Introtext with Content Limit
  • Show/Hide Intro Image Or Full Image Or First Image from article

Carousel Styling Options

  • Predefined Carousel Styles like Coverflow, Netflix, Flat
  • Configurable Image display option from Article Intro Image Or Article Full Image
  • Configurable Image Position Left side, Right side, Background, OR Set Custom Background Image
  • Configurable carousel Item box Padding
  • Configurable carousel Boxes Shadow Color Option
  • Configurable carousel Boxes Custom Background Color
  • Configurable carousel Boxes Text Color
  • Fully adjustable carousel width - Configure carousel width and it will fit everywhere.



- Add support Joomla 5

- General bug fixes

- General bug fixes

- Control added for mouse scroll effect to make it more smooth

- Joomla 4 stable version release

- Performance Improvement
- CSS Fixes
- Minor functionality enhancement

- Performance Improvement
- Full Box Clickable feature is added
- CSS Improvement
- jQuery Conflict Fix

- Functionality Improvement - Couple of Tiny features are added
- CSS Improvement and Safari Fix


How to use EB 3D Article Carousel? Click here

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