Add a Custom DEBUG module position in T3 Framework as per Joomla standard


Step 1: Login to Joomla administrator

  • Login to Joomla administrator panel and Go to Extensions -> Templates -> Styles
  • On the Templates: Styles (Site) Page, Click on Name of Default Template use for Site 

Step 2: Go to T3 Framework Settings

  • Select Layout tab, In this tab Position & Responsive Configuration Only remember selected Template file which use in site, Then Close Tab.
  • Use Step 1 for Go to Extensions -> Templates -> Styles, Click on Name of Template, define in Screenshot
  • In Templates Customise Click on Folder tpls
  • In this folder Click on Template file which is assign in T3 Framework Layout Tab
  • Inside this file Add module position code Before </body> tag
    <jdoc:include type="modules" name="custom_debug" />
    Save the setting
  • Now open template xml file templateDetails.xml, Inside this file Assign module position
    Save the setting
  • And you're done. Use this custom DEBUG position into module
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